Who We Are

The ITFET is headed by the President of the Tribunals, Mr Noel Kelly and the Vice President, Mrs Maxine Orr.

There are 6 full time Employment Judges:

  • Employment Judge Brian Greene
  • Employment Judge Orla Murray
  • Employment Judge Barbara Gamble
  • Employment Judge Conor Hamill
  • Employment Judge Clare Tiffney
  • Employment Judge Lisa Sturgeon

In addition there are 14 part time employment judges.

There are currently 20 employee panel members and 25 employer panel members.

Subject to Regulation 10 of The Industrial Tribunals and Fair Employment Tribunal (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020 the President or Vice President shall select an employment judge for each tribunal and two other panel members – one from the employee panel and one from the employer panel.

A recruitment campaign for panel members is expected to be undertaken by the Department for the Economy in 2023/24.