Citizens Charter


  1. Your rights - what you can expect from us
  2. Your obligations - what we expect from you

Secretary to the Tribunals
12 August 2019


1. Your rights - what you can expect from us

  • Respect

We will treat you with courtesy and respect.

  • A helpful, efficient and effective service

We will deal with your claims, responses and correspondence as quickly as we can. We will help you to understand the Tribunal process and what you are required to do.

  • To be professional and act with integrity

We will ensure that our staff have the necessary expertise to help you and we will make sure that any information you send to us is referred to an Employment Judge for consideration as soon as possible.

  • To protect your information

We will protect information we receive, obtain or hold about you and only share information when the law allows us to.

  • Accept that you can appoint a representative

We will respect your wish to have someone represent you. To protect your privacy we will only deal with them if we have received formal notification that they have been appointed to represent you. We will deal with them courteously and professionally.

  • To deal with complaints quickly and fairly

We will deal with your complaint or appeal as quickly as we can. We will ensure that your complaint is dealt with in accordance with our Complaints Policy which is available on our website via the following link - Publications.


2. Your Obligations – what we expect from you

  • Respect our staff and premises

The personal safety of our staff and all our visitors is of paramount importance to us and we expect you to treat our staff, visitors and our premises with the respect you would expect for yourself.

  • Respond to correspondence in good time

Send us any information asked of you in good time and by the date given in our correspondence which will be set by an Employment Judge. If you are unable to respond within the time limit or are unable to attend a hearing you must tell us immediately. This will enable us to ensure your case is referred to an Employment Judge to consider if other arrangements should be made to enable your case to progress.

  • Help us to help you

If you require any special arrangements to be made to enable your case to progress please complete the section provided for this on your claim form. This will allow us to make any adjustments necessary in good time and avoid unnecessary delay in your case.

  • Keep us informed

If there is any change to the position in relation to your case or if any of your contact details change, please let us know as soon as possible to ensure our records are up to date and all correspondence is sent to the correct address.

  • Keep in touch with your representative

If you have a representative we will correspond with him/her directly so it is important that you keep in contact with your representative.

It is also important to notify us if you change your representative or if you no longer have one as soon as possible.  

  • Be prompt

It is important that you attend hearings as required in good time and prepare in advance to enable your case to proceed.