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Online services allows you to make a claim or respond to a claim to the Industrial Tribunals and/or The Fair Employment Tribunal for Northern Ireland. You must register with the site in order to use these services.
A claim form, ET1(NI), is also available in PDF for downloading - see Publications.
This page also provides information on the weekly hearing schedule of the Industrial Tribunals and The Fair Employment Tribunal and the main decisions of these tribunals which have been issued since January 2007.
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Industrial Tribunals are independent judicial bodies in Northern Ireland that hear and determine claims to do with employment matters. These include a range of claims relating to unfair dismissal, breach of contract, wages and other payments as well as discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, part time working and equal pay

The Fair Employment Tribunal is an independent judicial body in Northern Ireland that hears and determines complaints of discrimination on the grounds of religious belief or political opinion.


We aim to deal with all claims and enquiries as accurately and quickly as possible, and provide our customers with an efficient service. We welcome your feedback, which we will use to improve our service to you.